Working Remotely Ireland

Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality that define the Emerald Isle. Ireland’s charm extends beyond its iconic pubs and rolling hills, offering a unique blend of modern innovation and ancient traditions. Embark on a journey to understand the nuances of Irish culture, lifestyle, and the potential for a fulfilling life in this captivating country.

Financial Considerations

Ireland’s high quality of life is reflected in its cost of living. Housing, especially in Dublin, is expensive. Groceries and dining out can also put a dent in your wallet, as can transportation. While salaries in certain sectors, like tech, can be competitive, careful budgeting is essential.


Ireland’s education system includes public, private, and international schools, with renowned universities. Internet connectivity is generally reliable across the country with various providers offering broadband services. While public transportation options are available, particularly in urban areas, car ownership is common for commuting and exploring.

Social & Culture

Irish culture is steeped in tradition, emphasizing community, storytelling, music, and lively pub culture, where friendly locals warmly welcome newcomers to share in the country’s rich heritage, while cities like Dublin offer a vibrant mix of modern and traditional elements.

Health System

Ireland has a two-tiered healthcare system, with public and private options available. Public healthcare is accessible to all residents, but waiting times for certain treatments can be long. Private healthcare offers faster access but comes at a cost. Health insurance is recommended to cover private care expenses.

Office Space & Culture

Ireland’s work culture is known for its friendly, informal atmosphere and emphasis on work-life balance, with colleagues often socializing after work. Office spaces are typically modern and open-plan. Expect a welcoming and collaborative work environment if you relocate to Ireland.


Ireland’s housing market is diverse, with high demand and prices in urban areas like Dublin. Renting is a common starting point. Buying property is competitive and requires thorough research. Consider alternative options like shared accommodation to find affordable housing in Ireland.


Dublin is a vibrant and historic city with friendly locals, though it’s known for its high costs and rainy weather.


Relaxed, artistic, affordable, foodie haven, with a lively pub scene and beautiful surrounding countryside.


Bohemian, artsy, vibrant, with a lively music scene, colorful streets, and stunning coastal scenery nearby.