Why We’re building Money Asset Lifestyle

For all of the entrepreneurs and solopreneurs starting out who want to build a better setup for themselves. For most full-time employees (FTEs), they have a lot of lifes services taken care of – even if they pick up 100% of the cost, through employers and Federal tax breaks, many employees have an advantage: Tax withholding, healthcare, 401(k), basic life insurance and the benefit of having a “probable” income that is great for buying long term assets like houses.

But are solopreneurs building the same things for themselves? And only some people choose to become freelancers and most put financial planning on the longer finger, preferring to kick the can down the road because all of that costs money and takes time to research. And who do you trust?

How To Get Involved

We want to build a network of ideas, resources, gconversations and sharing to hack – the same way you hack solutions as a designer, consultant, marketer, writer, engineer, editor, everything in between. 

How do you build smarter, look after yourself, build assets and set yourself up for an emergency but also for success and the future?

Build a better company with Business Angels, Grants, Loans, State Funds, Networks and content from our community.

Join us and help yourself and others as we discover how to build your lifestyle and assets using the money you generate from your freelancing, startup, services, products – whatever that may be.

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